37° 90° Flaring » UNISPEED USFL 90/37 ES 6/28

UNISPEED USFL 90/37 ES 6/28 is the new machine for 37° and 90° orbital flaring of hydraulic rigid tubes ends.
The innovative clamping system enables to process straight and of reduced dimensions rigid tubes, so this machine is the ideal solution for tubes with bends up to 180° with a tight radius, such as shaped rigid tubes, steel and hose combined connections, etc.
The machine, which requires only one tool change to carry out the flaring operations, uses a cold orbital forming process to create a flat and smooth sealing surface at 90° and 37° with a suitable rugosity for the O-Ring seal.
The different possibilities of adjustment and configuration of the USFL 90/37 ES 6/28 allow to obtain any flaring diameter and thickness.
The new electronic control with a color touch screen display ensures enhanced performances and makes the USFL 90/37 ES 6/28 particularly suitable for series production. The machine is fully programmable and settable, with the possibility to recall previously set recipes.
It is possible to flare tubes from Ø 6 to 28 mm (2.5 mm thickness), depending on the kind of material they are made of.
The USFL 90/37 ES 6/28 can be equipped with two front tool-holder compartments upon request and an automated tools lubrication system, which acts by means of a dedicated unit.


  • 90° flaring ST 37.4: 1/4'' - 1'' x 0.1''
  • 90° flaring AISI 316 TI: 1/4'' - 5/8'' x 0.1''
  • 37° flaring ST 37.4: 1/4'' - 1'' 0.1''
  • 37° flaring AISI 316 TI: 1/4'' - 5/8'' x 0.1''
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 27.9"x37.2"x56.3"
  • Weight: 1,089 lbs
  • Motor power: 4.35 HP
  • Electronic control with touch screen display: included

Stainless steel different from AISI 316 TI can compromise the quality of the flaring operation and the tools state of conservation.