Test bench » BC1500E/WATER

The BC 1500 E/ WATER is a water test bench up to 1500 BAR / 21756 PSI, for testing both hydraulic and industrial low-pressure hoses from 10bar up. The BC1500E/WATER is simple to use and intuitive to operate: pressure control and discharge, testing and liquid filling are manually performed. The bench is provided with a ¼'' BSP quick coupling for hose connection; 3/8'' to 2'' adapters are available upon request. Equipped with two analog pressure gauges for reading the pressure. Chamber and components are entirely of stainless steel to ensure the best test conditions and guarantee the longevity of the testing bench.


-Shock-proof testing windows

-Delivery filter




  • Low pressure mode: 145 Psi ÷ 1015 Psi
  • High pressure mode: 1015 Psi ÷ 21756 Psi
  • Pressure control: manual
  • Test: manual
  • Type of drive: pneumatic/electric intensifier
  • Testing liquid: water
  • Manifolds: 1
  • N°connections per manifolds: 1x1/4’’ BSP quick connection
  • Liquid filling: manual
  • Filling flow: 1.55 lt/min (0.4 US gal)
  • Low pressure pump flow: 4 lt/min. (1.1 US gal/min.)
  • High pressure pump flow: 1.55 lt/min (0.4 US gal/min.)
  • Pressure discharge: manual
  • Bench dimensions: 107.5"x41.5"x47.7"
  • Standard chamber dimensions: 78.7"x33.3"
  • Weight: 608.5 lbs