Test bench » BC800/WES

Test bench up to 800 BAR / 11600 PSI, BC800/WES provided with PLC automatic control (ES) and pneumo-hydraulic multiplier. Ideal for testing palletised hose coils. This bench is provided with a big and sturdy lighted chamber, oil protecting mesh, shock-proof testing window with automatic opening-closing, control board and safety luminous signal. Chamber and components also available in stainless steel for water tests.


-Suction filter

-Delivery filter

-Peak pressure memory

-Internal lighting

-Shock-proof testing windows

-Internal oil protecting mesh

-Peak pressure memory

-Temperature alarm

-Level alarm

-USB connection configuration

-PDF file printing


  • Static pressure: 11600 Psi
  • Impulse pressure:  11600 Psi
  • Min. starting pressure: 435 Psi
  • Pressure control: automatic
  • Test: semi-automatic
  • Type of drive: pneumatic intensifier
  • Testing liquid: fluid
  • Manifolds: 2
  • Manifold connections: 1x 1/2" BSP
  • Sae manifold connections: 1x 2" 6000 PSI
  • Liquid filling: semi-automatic
  • Filling flow: 25 lt/min (6.5 US gal/min)
  • Pressure pump flow: 10.5 lt/min (3 US gal/min)
  • Hose emptying system: semi-automatic
  • Pressure discharge: automatic
  • Door mechanical safety device: automatic
  • Door electric safety device: automatic
  • Standard chamber dimensions: 74.8"x59"x28.3"
  • Bench dimensions: 103.1"x70"x60.2"
  • Tank: 250 lt (66 US gal)
  • Weight without oil: 2127 lbs


  • Adaptors 
  • PC connection